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There's lots of hard to find bedding out there that seem to only be available from suppliers of luxury bedding. If you look hard enough, though, they can be found. The Internet is a great supplier of such bedding as even the oddballs are easy to pack and ship, so shipping costs are usually reasonable.

One example is the California Queen. Larger than regular queen sized bedding by four inches while keeping the normal width of a queen size mattress, the California Queen is definitely an odd ball, even in luxury bedding. Those who are tall will appreciate this size of bed, though, as it fits their body type much better than typical sizes. Even longer is the California King, or Western King, that is twelve inches longer than a normal Queen. Luxury bedding is available for this size of bed as well.

Some unusually tall people don't want a lot of width, or simply don't have the room for something the size of a Queen. These people may want to opt for an extra long twin bed. Often found in college dorms, these are five inches longer than your standard twin. Consumer magazines often complain about the limited number of patterns, and the difficulty in finding bedding for this type of bed. Many luxury bedding manufacturers are beginning to see the popularity of this type of bed, though, and are beginning to produce more and more options.

The Olympic Queen is another unusual size of bed. This size is good when you own a traditional queen sized bed, want a larger mattress, and just don't have room for a king size. Or maybe you just don't want to burn the money on new bedroom furniture, but you want more room to roll around. The Olympic Queen, which fits on a standard queen sized frame, is six inches wider than a normal queen sized bed. Its biggest downfall, by far, is a lack of luxury bedding. As this innovative bed becomes more popular, however, this is become less and less the case.

Another challenge when it comes to luxury bedding are Tempurpedic mattresses, memory foam, and platform mattresses. The standard bed sheet is now at least seventeen inches deep. This size bed sheet will completely engulf a nine to twelve inch deep mattress. Suppliers now have eleven inch gusset sheets available for those with more shallow mattresses to address this problem.

So you can see, even in the oddest of conditions, there's luxury bedding out there to choose from. You just have to know where to look.

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Hard to Find Luxury Bedding

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This article was published on 2010/03/27