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The baby bedding marketplace is a thriving and aggressive one with so many brands out in the industry. Below is a list of the hottest baby bedding brands in the market today.

1. Trend Labs baby bedding is one of the top brands in the marketplace which specialize in innovative bedding for the nursery. Trend Lab started in 2001 and brought a selected style and chic to the baby bedding marketplace. Their beddings feature beautiful daring designs and beautiful prints, as well as, a host of impressive colors and designs. They are meticulous regarding research as this guides their designs and goes a long way to make certain that their products are constantly trendy. With over 30 different designs, Trend Lab's baby bedding will allow you to indulge your particular taste with a variety of choices. They use 100% cotton for their crib bedding units which are machine washable. Their prices are reasonably affordable.

2.  Sleeping Partners makes 6, 5 and 4 piece, baby bedding units. Established in 1994, they have developed an international status for the style and top quality of their products and work under two brand names: Tadpoles and Sleeping Partners. Tadpole beddings are manufactured from organic materials. Sleeping Partners generates beddings for the Porta Crib & Cradle and Crib Ensembles and have various collections in Damask, Toile, Gingham, Paisley, Terry and Cable Knit. They also provide a number of exceptional and sweet colors such as sage, natural, cherry blossom and butterfly prints. These are all 100% cotton and machine washable in gentle cycle. The costs are a bit more than that of Trend Labs but Sleeping Partners have been around significantly longer.

3. Another top brand name in baby bedding units is Pam Grace creations. Pam Grace was created in 2006 as a spinoff of another company, My Baby Sam owned by two sisters. Pam Grace designs are bold and elegant and are available in so many totally attractive color themes like sweet pea, mocha, dark chocolate delight and others. The unique selling point of Pam Grace creations is that with a Pam Grace set, you get all you need to set up your nursery: complete bedding, which incorporates a quilt, diaper stacker, wall hanging, musical mobile and so much more all for an extraordinary affordable price tag.

4. Dwell Studio commenced in 1999 but was regarded as Dwell Home Furnishings. Before long, they became acknowledged as one of the most modern brands in bedding. Using daring and exclusive patterns, they will add color and class to your baby space. Dwell Studio beddings are safety conscious and take proper care to ensure their items are totally free from contaminations and poisons. Manufactured with 100% long staple cotton at a thread count of 320, Dwell Studio bedding is on the greater end of the pricing scale.

5.  Glenna Jean was started in 1977 and is a family owned business. Their baby bedding sets feature special designs. A lot of the bedding units employ a blend of cotton and polyester in their fabric. Glenna Jean bedding is also on the higher end of the price scale, but each and every set is so exquisitely stunning and is undoubtedly a collector's item.

6. Kids Line was founded in 1987 and has rapidly turned into a leader in the infant bedding industry. They have a huge assortment of collections which vary from traditional to up to date baby bedding units; from classic princess patterns to sports related themed bedding.  Kids Line employs material combinations of cotton and polyesters and their price ranges are rather affordable.

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Best Selling Brands of Baby Bedding

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    maggie vitale- 2010/11/29 09:48:10 am

    I particularly love silk baby bedding. To my surprise, silk bedding covers are hand washable. Very soft and luxurious, and best of all hypoallergenic. Surprisingly very affordable too. I offer silk complete crib sets for just $200, sheets as low as $30. Very healthy for children who suffer form allergens and asthma.

This article was published on 2010/11/18